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We are the Duce family and our lives have been touched by seizures andEpilepsy.

Our son Joshua began having seizures at the age of two. Since then, he has had multiple seizures, every single day.

Our whole world has been completely changed since the moment Joshua had his first seizure. Over the years, our family has learned from first hand experience, the importance of continued help, networking and guidance.

This is why SeizureSupport.com was created.

Throughout our site you will find products, services and networking opportunities that can be very beneficial to anyone who has seizures.

     We are not medical professionals. We simply network and share information with others whose lives have been touched by seizures and Epilepsy. We have been faced with seizures and Epilepsy for years now so with our incredible team of Seizure Network Partners, we look to be a valued resource for seizure and Epilepsy education as well as support.

     We will always strive to provide you with new cutting edge products, services and information on the topics of seizures and Epilepsy.

Welcome To SeizureSupport.com




The New Safety PlaceMat Is Making Headlines!

Invented For Those With Seizures By Those With Seizures!
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Hospitals and more..

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